Biogas Plant Design – Services & Deliverables

BIOGAS Equity 2 in connection with its engineering partners can offer the BioTec Waste Presorting and the UDR technology in North America as well as a patented wet gasification technology. We are focusing our effort on finding opportunities where sorting of MSW and /or food wastes into organics and non organics in an efficient automated way. These organics can then be processed with our engineering partner’s wet fixed bed register anaerobic digestion process.  The technology’s enhanced digestion, shorter retention time and small required footprint is an advantage that cannot be met by other technologies at he present. The non-organics as well as cellulose woody biomass that does not lend itself for biogas digestion can be efficiently gasified.  Both the gained biogas awell as syngas can be converted by combines heat and energy otto motor generators to renewable electric power.

Our engineering partners and their suppliers have some twenty years experience in the renewable energy field. We can point at a dozen large pre sorting facility reference site and overt twenty biogas plants utilizing the UDR technology.

Our scope of deliverables and services comprises the full spectrum, from project analyses, financing, engineering and project management, to overseeing construction, initial operation to plant ownership.
The basis for all projects is a comprehensive analysis of requirements, the initial situation, the location as well as economic, technical and political factors. This also includes the availability, nature, quality and quantities of feedstock, overall logistics, economic parameters such as feed-in tariffs for power and gas support programs. Technical aspects include the possibility of using the generated power both locally and powering to feed-in points for energy, gas and heat. BIOGAS Equity 2 will provide an estimate based on the completed Request Proposal Form and charge an upfront fee for the design and analysis that will yield a firm proposal ready for approval and permitting. This fee will be credited if an order to build is given.

We believe that the offered BioTec Waste presorting and UDR technologies are the optimum solution for food waste, manure and biosolid digestion. We offer a standard building block consisting of two choices of presorting depending on feedstock quantity and a Upflow and Downflow reactor. The only variable is the Reflow tank size that is calculated based on the feedstock characteristics and quantity. If the feedstock quantity exceeds the capacity of the Upflow tank, we add a second. For large 120,000 ton per year projects we might have six pairs of our standard UD tanks and two Reflow tanks.
Our product focus streamlines project selection and design, permitting, steel tank manufacturing, construction time and cost as well as maintenance.

BIOGAS Equity 2 provides support for financing; we work with our prospect, try to cooperate with third parties such as a waste hauler to determine the suitable form of financing. We offer to build the biogas plant for our own account seeking access to a plot of land, long term feedstock agreements as well as take off agreements for electricity, heat or biomethane.

BIOGAS Equity 2 construction services includes:

  • -Definition of interfaces…. get all Government permitting agencies as well as the financing partner in one room to assess hurdles, assign tasks, deadlines and achieve good will
  • -Coordination of suppliers and project parties…. becomes routine after some projects are complete
  • -Project management and monitoring of milestones…. template driven for our standard product
  • -Monitoring of construction…. working closely with all permitting agencies step by step without reasons to cause delays
  • -Final completion permit…. follow up, over communicate, meet the deadline
  • -Commissioning…. get feedstock delivery, load, monitor, analyze, train staff and third party support (biological analysis if not done on premise)

Footnote: Design, planning, construction and operations of systems that use renewable energy or recycle resources from waste are complex projects where a variety of technical, organizational and economic aspects must be taken into consideration. While the precise coordination of all system components is decisive for economical and safe system operations, financing and leveraging support programs are key for the economic efficiency and return on investment of such systems. We analyze the technical and economic design of a planned or implemented system, identify challenges and assess related risks. If necessary, we also suggest suitable measures to increase the availability, throughput and output of the system.

Patented Upflow & Downflow Reactors

The highly efficient standard Building Blocks of the UDR Biogas Plant are 4m dia by 11m high. The Reflow tank size is calculated based on Feedstock Quantity and Retention Time.

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Product Approach assures lower Cost

The UDR AD Systems are fabricated in Ohio and are expandable for increasing Feedstock Quantities. The MonoTube accepts as little as 8 tons while a six UD pair and two Reflow tank System will be fed 700 tons of organics per day for 8.4MW electric ... under construction.

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